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‘Soul Stories, Write Your World!’

My name is Bernardine Devine and I am the founder of

“Soul Stories, Write Your World!”


A Better YOU – A Better LIFE – A Better WORLD!


“I support newly rebranded entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world.

We discover YOUR dreams in life and business and take steps aligned with YOUR values.

To create a life of meaning and abundance YOU love and positively influence the world.”



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Be the Light!

  Over the years men I’ve been involved with have told me not to take things so seriously. They usually meant not to take them so seriously. Which in retrospect was great advice. It’s hard not take what’s happening in this country and in the world right now seriously....

‘Creativity is Intelligence’ Dreaming the Impossible Dream

  Recently I was driving past a school which had one of those signs they use to put messages up outside schools. It read “Creativity is intelligence. Have fun!” It was in the middle of nowhere, on a school sign and felt like a little gift at the time. It seemed to sum...

10 Day Blog Challenge – Day 2: Freedom is Sovereignty!

  For me freedom has always been a core value. In fact, probably my core value. Freedom to me means freedom of choice, freedom of location, financial freedom and personal freedom.   I love to travel, connect with people and have experiences that are fun and...

10 Day Blog Challenge – Day 10: Celebrating Freedom – Freedom Lives Here!

    I think in truth Day 2 was my favorite challenge as it helped me discover my why. My ‘Why?’ is freedom. It’s my core value and it helped me name it and put it out there. I also have to mention the Finding Your Tribe Day 6 Challenge as one of my mentors tweeted my...

10 Day Blog Challenge – Day 9: Livin la Vida Loca – Balancing Freedom and Work

  I am already living a mostly location independent lifestyle. I house sit and travel, mostly nationally, and I work on Skype and online. My dream is to upgrade my location independence. I envision having the freedom to fly in style anywhere for business, adventure,...

10 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1: Moving Through Resistance

  It always amazes me how much resistance we have to creating what we would most love. No-one more so than me.   Time, money and energy are seemingly constant challenges. But are they?   These same challenges can be the greatest opportunity. Today I felt overwhelmed...

The Gold of Transformation!

    I've recently been watching 'House of Cards' which is both brilliant and addictive. On the latest episode, they were talking about buzz words that poll well with a voting demographic. The political 'spin doctors' pay a great deal of money to find what works. I've...

Creating Your Passions!

When I did dancing I had to do the steps over and over so that they became ingrained. Then when the music started and I was performing I could just dance. Well that's how it is with intuition. Learn, practice repeat, learn, practice repeat until it becomes a habit. So...

10 Day Blog Challenge – Day 5: Balancing My Daily Success Plan

  I’m practiced at taking action on my goals. I’m also practiced at supporting my clients to take action towards their success. Just today I received a message from a client saying she was the happiest she’d been in ages. I had suggested to her in our session she take...

Mind Your Own Business

  When you're creating something in your life, it's great to look at what's your business and what isn't your business. Years ago when I first started my personal development journey I was involved in a spiritual group. There was a woman who used to come to our...
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