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“Are you or would you love to be a Digital Entrepreneur and/or House Sitter? or Do you simply want to learn to Dance through Life? I support you to attain mastery of intuition which is efficacious in allowing you to accelerate profit, maximize time, expand energy and fulfill your desire to live a life of fun, freedom, adventure and purpose.

When you identify your truth creative acceleration ignites, expediting your success and seeing you achieve impactful results!

Alchemy occurs and resources arise in the form of people, things, opportunities and creative, intelligent engagement with your path flows.

Intuition gives you the powerful ability to discern which one of these opportunities is uniquely right for you to accelerate what you’d love to create.

I support you to discover what you really love, help you see beyond the white noise and confidently identify what you want and the next steps to ‘Dance through Life!’

If you’re ready for creative acceleration on your path and intelligent engagement to achieve results take the next step and reach out now.”

I offer the following courses and services:

e-Courses – via Pdf, email series or online portal login – click links for more details.


“7 Steps to Intuitive Awareness. – Pdf.

“Level 1: Create Passionately with Intuition and Dance Through Life!”–  is a 12 Day e-Course designed to give you a good grounding in the basics of intuition in 12 days. – Email series.

“Level 2: Create Passionately with Intuition and Dance Through Life!” – is a 12 Week e-Course designed to further your intuitive skills and practice in just under three months. – Email series.

“Level 3: Create Passionately with Intuition and Dance Through Life!” –  is a 12 Month e-Course designed to take Intuitive mastery to the next step over 12 months. – Online portal login.

“Levels 1-3: Create Passionately with Intuition and Dance Through Life!” – is a packaged course featuring all 3 levels of  “Creating Passionately with intuition.” – Online portal login.


Intuitive Readings

For a short time, I’ll be doing one-on-one Intuitive Readings in any area of your life you wish to address.

Private Consultation, Mentoring and Coaching

Private consultation for individuals, groups and corporate clientele.

The private consultation includes mentoring and coaching and is tailored to your individual needs.

If you’d like to have a discovery session or consultation connect via the contact page.

Or schedule a time with me via Calendly:

I look forward to speaking with you.


Love, Bernie



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