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‘Nurture Soul Stories –  Create Abundant Magic – Connect With Purpose’




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‘Soul Stories, Write Your World!’



My name is Bernardine Devine and I am the founder of

“Soul Stories, Write Your World!”

‘Nurture Soul Stories –  Create Abundant Magic – Connect With Purpose’





You’ve always had the feeling you were meant to save the world! You want to make an impact. But you believed you weren’t enough.

You weren’t the right kind of feminine.

Or that as a girl you had no clear value beyond your appearance. That one way of being was superior to another. You either submitted or rebelled. But felt unfulfilled and disempowered, like you had a part of you missing.

You believe you can be one or the other. So you sacrifice one. But one without the other feels incomplete.

You want love but feel like it means you must sacrifice making a contribution. You want to contribute but think you must  sacrifice love. Like you can have love or money, freedom or independance. But not both.

You have to sacrifice yourself and get nothing in return. You’re undervalued for your time and energy.

Or feel dependent on someone else for your finances. You feeland imbalance between giving and receiving.

The story you and others told you is a lie!

You embody both the GODDESS and the SUPERHERO.

These courses support you to bring balance and express your true power.


To express both the SUPERHERO and the GODDESS.

The Dalai Lama said ‘Western women will save the world.’

The world is calling forth the feminine, in both women and men from all parts of the world, as an answer to global problems.

Both women and men struggle with the imbalance of patriarchy.

It’s time for a new way.


For a rebalancing of the feminine and masculine principles in the world.

I support women to connect with their SUPERHERO and nurture their GODDESS.

There is not only one way to be feminine. Both can exist. In fact the world needs both. One without the other feels incomplete.

When you express both you transform and so does the world. You need you to express  all of you for your own fulfillment.

And the world needs you!

Do you feel called to this movement? I do!

If you do connect below!

Connect with your SUPERHERO and nurture your GODDESS! Join the MOVEMENT and create some MAGIC in the world!

Women will save the world! Are you one of them?

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I love story and how it takes me to other places within and without. How it connects me to the human condition and helps me understand others.
From a very young age I have loved story in all its forms. Through books, movies, theatre, great TV, dance or music, story excites me. Story has helped me escape, has uplifted me and supported me understand people and the world around me.

Stories are nurturing for me, they make the world more magical and connect me to a higher part of myself and help me empathise with others.

Searching to understand my own story sent me on a path of discovery which led to where I am today.

I have an MA in Creative Writing, over 30 years experience in the consciousness field, 20 years training in intuition and 10 years in the study of alchemy and creating.

I also trained in natural therapies including herbal medicine and nutrition, holistic coaching and counseling, kinesiology, Journeywork, dance training, writing, intuition, creating, alchemy and consciousness.

I enjoy living a life of freedom and the adventure of travel and teaching as an intuitive entrepreneur, coach, healer and writer.

I teach women to connect with their old story, to nurture a new SOUL STORY and to express their magic in the world.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Love, Bernie x



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